Project Development

NiQuan is made up of seasoned professionals with decades of successful experience in the development of complex energy projects who are now focused on developing small and mid-scale GTL projects from concept to economically viable commercial projects.

NiQuan believes that small and mid-scale GTL technology is proven technology, and is no longer an impediment to delivering a successful GTL project.  The success of GTL projects is dependent on putting all of the pieces together so that it can be economically viable.

After a preliminary assessment we will, at no upfront cost to our partners, develop the GTL project in partnership with the owners (both government and private entities) of the natural gas resource.  We invest our own capital, up front, to bring the project to a bankable state.

We identify off-takers and secure respective project agreements in addition to financing requisite FEED studies to ensure project viability. Our goal is to develop projects so that they will be ranked as a high investment grade project.

Each project is different and presents its own set of dynamics. We approach project development from a risk management point of view.  One of the keys to building a successful GTL project is effectively managing project risk.

We believe that partnering is also important in delivering successful GTL projects. Our partners consist of reputable GTL technology, risk management, project management and EPC companies who have proven track records of success.

GTL Operations

NiQuan has acquired GTL operational capabilities that are experienced in the management and operations of small-scale GTL plants.  With a focus on safe and efficient GTL operations,  this is an untapped business opportunity to which we would like to be known as the premiere global small and mid scale GTL operators globally.