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Our Process Transforms Multiple Feedstocks Into Clean Energy

Our products are clean 100% biodegradable, highly paraffinic, low carbon waxes and best in class drop-in fuels.


Our Products


NiQuan CTF™

NiQuan's Clean Transportation Fuels (CTF™) is a clean, essentially zero-sulfur, biodegradable drop in fuel that can be used in existing diesel engines without modification

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NiQuan CAF

NiQuan CAF™

NiQuan's technology can also produce Clean Aviation Fuel (CAF™) Blendstock which when blended in a 50/50 split with kerosene yields a cleaner jet fuel with significantly lower CO2 emissions.

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NiQuan Clean Marine™

NiQuan's Clean Marine™ is a non-toxic, biodegradable marine fuel that quickly evaporates in the event of spills, can be used with existing marine engine technology.

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NiQuan CDF™

NiQuan CDF™ is an ideal base fluid component for Synthetic Drilling Muds. It's biodegradability makes it an ideal component for drilling fluids which are used to maintain bore hole stability when deep sea drilling. It is non-toxic making it a safer option for sensitive waterway environments.

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NiQuan Naptha Pure

NiQuan Naptha Pure™

Essentially zero sulfur, with virtually no aromatics and negligible metallic contaminants, NiQuan Naphtha Pure™ is one of the most efficient liquid feedstocks for the cracking of ethylene offering higher yields and significantly reduced coking/fouling rates for furnace tubes during the cracking process.

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