Preserve. Protect. Clean technology.

Environmental Commitment

We operate in line with best practices to protect the environment around us.

Environmental Stewardship

NiQuan Energy deeply recognises the preservation of our environment as a paramount objective. We have invested heavily in clean and green energy technologies to help reduce carbon emissions and combat climate change. Our commitment to protecting the environment extends to promoting the conservation of natural resources, the protection of biodiversity, and the promotion of responsible waste management practices. 

Wherever we operate, our GTL Plants are in compliance with local environmental laws and World Bank Environmental Guidelines relating to gas emissions, noise emissions and waste disposal.

We have in place robust environmental plans and procedures. All national permits and licenses required for our GTL Plants (from the relevant Environmental Management Authorities, Ministries, State Departments, Occupational Safety and Health Authorities, and Water and Sewerage Authorities, among others) are obtained and we are fully compliant. Our operations comply with IFC’s Performance Standards and Equator Principles.