Replicable. Scalable. Reliable. Clean.

NiQuan Integrated Solution

A combination of our proven technology, GTL-specific expertise, experience, and proprietary training, our NiQuan Integrated Solution is key in transitioning to a clean, low carbon fuels market.

A Key to the Energy Transition

Meeting Market Demands

The transition to clean fuels now and in the future must be affordable, reliable, sustainable, and contribute to decarbonization of hard-to-abate industries. Our NiQuan Integrated Solution (NIS) offers a commercially proven pathway to produce clean, lower carbon drop in fuels that immediately reduces emissions within these industries.

Our NIS is a combination of proven technology, experience, GTL-specific expertise, and our proprietary training program. The NIS is used to turn mothballed ammonia and methanol plants and stranded fields into revenue generating assets.

Our fully operational commercial small-scale GTL facility located in Trinidad and Tobago, the first of its’ kind in the world, was developed with our NIS and produces clean, biodegradable fuels that can be immediately used in hard-to-abate sectors.  

Stranded gas fields suitable for GTL projects*

Stranded gas fields suitable for GTL projects

*Source: Rystad Energy U Cube

Our NIS is a replicable and economical way to monetize non-performing resources and implement “flares-out” policies all while producing clean fuels that contribute to the clean energy transition.