Members of NiQuan's Board of Directors and Executive Team in London


On October 12th and 13th, various members of Niquan’s Board and executive team attended the 18th Annual GTL Conference in London.

At the conference, Mr. David Small, VP Global Energy Services, conducted a presentation on NiQuan Energy, a new face to GTL.  

The conference provided the opportunity to bring together GTL industry players to exchange ideas on GTL’s viability as a business opportunity. 

As a backdrop to the Volkswagen fiasco, it was duly noted that GTL, if the quantities were available, could present a solution to high performance diesel engines.  One theme that was echoed throughout the conference was that GTL diesel is Ultra Clean Diesel and is not the same as Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel.  The difference being that GTL diesel has Zero sulphur and Zero aromatics and Ultra Low sulphur diesel has sulphur and aromatics.  It was determined that small scale GTL is viable in niche markets and that large scale GTL remains a challenge.

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