Our Plant Is an operational small-scale commercial X-to-Liquids plant producing clean, low carbon liquid fuels


Our Green Value proposition:

NiQuan leads the clean energy revolution producing clean near zero-sulfur, low carbon liquid drop-in fuels. All our current and future plants are equipped to produce clean, lower emissions fuels, including Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). Our commercially proven green technology is key in transitioning the clean fuels market today, ahead of 2050 goals. Produced from clean and renewable sources, our fuels are reliable, commercially viable, and are a solution for end users looking to protect their fuel supply chain while meeting their GHG emissions goals. Our liquid fuels meet GHG emissions reduction targets while our scalable business model ensures increases in shareholder bottom line value.

PLANT CAPACITY IS OVER 2,600  BARRELS PER DAYNiQuan XTL facility, January 2023

our Plant capacity is over 2,600 barrels per day and uses our patented X-to- liquids (XTL) technology. This plant converts natrual gas feedstock into clean, high performance fuels.

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Our Commercially Proven technologyused in our plant allows for multiple feedstocks such as biomass, municipal waste, natural gas or hybrid combinations of feeds. 


From Aviation, marine and road transportation to packaging, raw material, and drilling fluids, our lower carbon, near zero-sulfur products can be used across many industries.

 OWNERSHIP IS OVERWHELMINGLY  IN THE HANDSMembers of NiQuan's operational team, January 2023

Our core team is made up of 71 individuals who have specialized expertise in the various aspects of the XTL process. Our rigorous training program has been carefully developed and recorded so it is easily replicated at other NiQuan XTL plants. 



NiQuan's Clean Transportation Fuels     (CTFTM ) is a clean, essentially zero-sulfur, biodegradable drop in fuel that can be used in existing diesel engines without modification

NiQuan CAF


NiQuan's technology can also produce Clean Aviation Fuel (CAFTM) Blendstock which when blended in a 50/50 split with kerosene yields a cleaner jet fuel with significantly lower CO2 emissions.


NiQuan Clean MarineTM

NiQuan's Clean MarineTM is a non-toxic, biodegradable marine fuel that quickly evaporates in the event of spills, can be used with existing marine engine technology.

Clean energy fueling a Green world

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