The XTL sector is highly specialised and one of the most advanced gas processing technologies in the world.  Where market conditions allow, however, NiQuan Energy is a champion of local content and local talent.

As part of this commitment, we have a comprehensive Procurement Policy and set of procedures for the NiQuan Energy Group.  These principles embrace: 

  • The purchase of quality goods and services that are fit for purpose to ensure the efficient functioning of the company and its operations
  • The need for technically competent, reliable and financially secure suppliers with whom NiQuan can develop and maintain an open, fair and mutually satisfactory working relationships;
  • The principle that when selecting and evaluating suppliers and service providers, NiQuan will take into account technical capabilities, availability, reputation, relevant experience, financial status, and previous dealings with NiQuan

If you believe that your business could be part of our business, please contact us at .

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