Our Plant is the First Commercial-scale Gas to Liquids Plant in the Western Hemisphere

We are the first dedicated small-scale GTL plant in the world

Plant capacity is over 2,600 barrels per day and it will process natural gas into clean, high performance, low emissions GTL energy products — paraffinic diesel and GTL Naphtha

The final phase of completion is now underway and the plant will be operational in 2020

GTL products make a major contribution to reduced transport emissions and a cleaner environment

Ownership is overwhelmingly in the hands of those with close links to Trinidad and Tobago and the NiQuan team is overwhelmingly recruited from Trinidadian and Tobagonian nationals


GTL projects are among the most advanced gas processing plants in the world and a top quality international team is making this happen


Together with local companies from Trinidad and Tobago, our project is a local content success story


Our plant delivers a lower emissions transport future for the Caribbean and a cleaner environment for everyone

Clean energy fueling a cleaner world

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